When you surf the Internet, the first impression you get from a Web site is its design. Like a nice storefront attracts more clients, a nice, elegant Web site design makes visitors want to linger. We at Intetics Co. understand that the success of your on-line presence begins with an original and well conceived design. Your clients will be able to take a look and say “Wow! How professional, clean and user-friendly their site is. I like spending time here!”

We offer a whole range of Web design services, including graphic concepts & work, logos & banner design design, Web site building, animation, presentations, and virtual tours. Our solutions are always flexible and custom-tailored. Our work is always original and unique.

Chinar Infotech’s Web design expertise includes:

  • World class creative design and graphic capabilities
  • HTML and DHTML coding and page construction
  • Macromedia Flash™ development and animation
  • Java and JavaScript interactivity
  • Audio and Video streaming
  • Expertise in Macromedia® rich Internet and multimedia technologies like ColdFusion®, Dreamweaver®, UltraDev™ and more.
  • 3D presentations and virtual tours

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